Friday, September 2, 2011

Soooo....this fuckery is happening

Why am I even covering this? I don't even know. The real question is, why are you reading this post? I told you this was fuckery. Whatever. Here goes.

Benni Cinkle, of awkward terrible dancing fame in Rebecca Black's YouTelevised abortion of a song, Friday...she has a song now. Not only did someone give her a song. They have her a video. And she looks like that ugly stripper in an Atlantic City stripclub who is acting like she is above stripping because she is probably just doing it to get some money for a bus home after gambling all her cocktail waitress money away in a game of blackjack but all the other strippers know she ain't goin' anywhere. That. That is what she looks like. Oh, and similar to Friday and the other shit song Rebecca Black put out, this song too is a sonic abortion. Watch at your own risk, chill'ren.

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