Monday, September 12, 2011

Isaac Mizrahi Thinks Gwen Stefani is Christina Aguilera


Isaac Mizrahi, one of my favorite drunk queens, recently was asked about celebrity owned clothing lines.
"Who is that, Christina Aguilera, who does my favorite clothes," Isaac asked after taking a gulp of a Long Island or whatever he was drinking at the time.
 Hmm...we all know X does not have her own clothing line (and based on most of her wardrobe choices, she probably shouldn't!), so who could he be taking about? Can we get another hint, Isaac?
"The one with the really red lipstick and white hair," Isaac burped out before flagging down some shot boy for a jolly rancher jello shooter.
Ah...he must be talking about Gwen Stefani. While I get that they both wear the same garish shade of lipstick (X DID IT FIRST, GUYZ!), I just think it's so funny that Isaac, a name in fashion, could forget the celebrity that does his "favorite clothes." Too funny.

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