Monday, September 12, 2011

Carrie Underwood About Half-Way Done Her Album

Country singer and American Idol alumni Carrie Underwood has effortlessly been the most consistent and successful of the contestants from that show. A whole slew of Billboard #1s, huge album sales, award show hosting responsibilities, marriage, TV specials, and nary a negative press story to be found. Oh, and have I mentioned that she is gorgeous?

Yes, while we all can't be perfect human specimens like Underwood, we at least get to occasionally bask in her light, and in her recent interview with old Idol pal Ryan Seacrest, she has confirmed that she is about halfway to showing us lessers know how it's done.
“I’ve been writing quite a bit and I’ve been in the studio a little bit, so I have about half an album done right now.” 
I am always excited for new music from Carrie. I wasn't overly keen on her last album, but I still cry like a 5 year old every time Temporary Home comes on, so it will be great to get more material from her. Hopefully X-Factor is still going by the time her single comes out so she can stop by to show them all how the fuck it is done!

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