Friday, September 2, 2011

Letter to the Queen

So recently my Queen has been sort of busy, no? Just today Madonna could be seen at the Venice Film Festival to promote her critically lauded film W.E. that is sure to be her biggest film hit since Evita. No, she isn't acting in it...but it still her movie, and you can believe that people are more interested in talking to her about it than the lead Abbie Cornish.

Additionally, she has been hard at work on her next album these last few months, with rumored producers Martin Solveig and William Orbit. Madonna usually goes into her album recording with a good idea of who she will work with and what will come out of it, so there is even a possibility of a single out by the end of the year. The album will certainly be out by the first of 2012, and nothing could make me happier. I just hope she brings it to the next level as she usually does. While I loved Hard was not the most beloved album in her discography and I don't like to see people naysay my flawless Queen.

On top of all of this, Madonna has partnered with Smirnoff to find dancers for her next tour which is sure to be the event to be at in 2012. Global Nightlife Exchange uses social media to find the best unknown dancers across the world. Madonna had this to say about the partnership:
"What attracted me to the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project is the combination of participating in the celebration of nightlife around the world and the opportunity to discover the world's best unknown dancers," said Madonna. "The best dancers are always in the clubs looking for the most original experience, just like Smirnoff is doing."
All of this points to another takeover by the Material Girl, and it's about time. With Britney turning into a singles artist, Lady GaGa taking her self-importance to rarely before seen levels, and Beyonce about to fall out of the spotlight and into is time for the original pop queen to return and show the lessers exactly what the fuck to do!

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