Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Saturdays Spill Some Deets About Their Upcoming Album

The Saturdays, one of my personal favorite girl groups, have always been somewhere between being underdogs (especially when compared to their recent ancestors, Spice Girls and Girls Aloud) and being huge. They certainly have had some hits, but somehow have never nabbed a #1 in the UK just yet. Many wonder whether it will happen for them, what with them about to release their 3rd LP and never quite gaining massive support. However, I continue to keep my fingers crossed for them as I find them to be quite talented, likeable, and driven.

In a recent interview with entertainmentwise.com, the girls talked their first 2 singles (Notorious and All Fired Up), as well as what we can expect from their upcoming album. The one thing that bothers/worries me is that they said that there will "lots of ballads." While I am always up for a ballad or two on an album...it is my opinion that the girls could have much more success if they picked a more upbeat direction for most of the songs, and using the ballads as more of a tool for album variety rather than the backbone of the album. One of the main problems for the Sats is that they have not piqued the public interest the way past girl groups have, and singing ballads is not exactly going to make them pop, despite Adele's recent success with songs like Someone Like You. I am hoping that when they DO finish selecting the songs for the final cut, they err on the side of the big fun that Notorious and All Fired Up has given us.

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