Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dev is pregnant. I do not care.

It's just like...who cares? You're a barely there popstar with a mostly shit album who has been featured on a couple of cute dance songs. Oh, and btw? Getting pregnant as your debut album is coming out? Not very smart. You have one decent hit as your first single, and the other hit-worthy songs on the album are dance are you going to promote them? You are not MIA. The about-to-burst-but-still-performing gag has been done, and it was obnoxious when she did it, too. You know who else you aren't? Beyonce. She can still sell albums despite having to slow down her promo. You? No. You can't. Buh-bye has been mildly nice sometimes seeing you. Maybe next time you will take some fucking birth control.

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