Friday, September 2, 2011

Mohombi Has A New Single...Generic and Spectacular

So Mohombi is sort of what you would get if you threw 2011 JLo and Kat Deluna in a blender and popped out a man. By this I mean he uses all RedOne beats, has an ambiguously ethnic persona (he is African who is from Sweden who produces distinctly tropical and Latin sounds), and puts out whole albums of relatively same-sounding, generic drivel. However. I have yet to meet a Mohombi song that I don't absolutely adore and wish they would play in every club I go to forever. They all have huge drums, big vocals, and an insatiable dance sensibility. Is it low-brow dance music? Sure. But is it as terrible as the ever-looming LMFAO and Pitbull? NO.

So this champion of "good" generic music has put out a new single called Maraca. It is just like all of his other music. And that is why it is amazing and you should all listen to it and prepare your weekends for this RedOne fueled party starter. Summer ain't over yet, folks.

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