Monday, September 12, 2011

Rihanna Reign Will, tbqh, Just Not Let Up

Rihanna, Princess of Pop and Queen of Twitter, just really will not stop slaying all of our other faves effortlessly.

Just yesterday, Chris Martin of Coldplay revealed that Rihsus will be gracing the track "Princess of China" on their upcoming album, and that HE was nervous to talk to her. Now, while I sort of wonder what his wife's BFF Beyonce was doing that she couldn't be on it, I am more than happy to see Rihanna re-prise her role as feature creature.

Then, this morning, we found out that Rihanna will be LA Reid's guest during the X-Factor US' Judges House segment, where the two of them will narrow down Reid's category to the contestants who will be making it to the live shows.

All of this on top of the recent news/rumors that she will be either Rih-Releasing LOUD this fall or putting out a whole new set of music (I think she is going to go for the whole 8/9 song EP that GaGa made popular with Fame Monster) along with the confirmed upcoming duet with BFF Katy Perry...well...


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