Friday, September 2, 2011

Billboard Update!

So...I am glad I haven't been around to do any Billboard chart updates because the scourge of 2011 has been topping the charts for much of the summer. Why anyone likes that song will forever be beyond's basic, common, and quite annoying tbh...and still sits at #2...but anyway...

Congratulations are in for LEGENDTINA AGUILERA!! She has finally followed up her 2001 #1 hit Lady Marmalade with another song, making her one of the few elite artists to have a #1 hit in three decades! And she did it all by herself! Isn't that amaz....wait, what? appears she didn't actually pull this off on her fact she is only a feature? Well while this is still exciting, let's not all get too crazy and call this a comeback...the Lady of X still has to find a way to put out an album that people care about after the Bionic Massacre. I am crossing my fingers because I love singers who yell and strain like her...but the battle is not over yet.

As mentioned in the previous post, Foster The People hit #3 for the first time with their first single! How nice for them...I do love to see diversity on the charts, and Pumped Up Kicks more than deserves its spot on it. Good for you! Following FTP is Bad Meets Evil's Bruno Mars assisted Lighters. This sort of surprises me that people have taken to this song the way the have, but it is one of the better cuts on that album and I love me some Bruno, so I am happy with this. Rounding out the Top 5 is Katy Perry's Last Friday Night, tumbling all the way from #1. But that desperate Missy Elliot remix did it's purpose in getting Slutty Perry her 5th #1 and tying Michael Jackson's record...and during his birthday week on top of it! Bitch has no shame!!

The rest of the Top 10 is complete shit, save Her Minajesty's infectious Super Bass, so I will not be speaking on that. I just...I can't you guys. I can't talk about the drivel that has been infecting our Hot 100 for much of this year. I refuse.

Oh!!! But!!! Couple of other quick notes:

1) Barbra Streisand has landed at #4 with her latest album What Matters incredible achievement if you think about how small her market is at this point. It also makes her the first artist to have a Top 10 album in 6 decades. Thank you America for still having a vestige of taste! (Game's album is #1 so most of the taste is gone, of course)
2) There is a new chart in town: the K-POP HOT 100!!!!! So now all of you people desperate for some stunning k-pop can check out what the current hot singles are...thank you Billboard!

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