Monday, September 12, 2011

Flawless Vocalist Pia Toscano Talks Debut Album

One of the greater reality television travesties was the early booting of talented powerhouse Pia Toscano from American Idol. Sure, she wasn't reggae dancing around like Naima. She didn't growl and howl through every song like Haley. And she wasn't a country bumpkin like the Top 2. But the girl didn't need to work the whole stage...because she vocally worked her songs flawlessly EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. One of my top 5 contestants on that show of all you can imagine how angry I was.

Also disheartening was that the Ester Dean penned debut single, This Time, was not the type of sassy jam that Dean is known for. Nor was it a vocal triumph, as the production layered Pia's voice into a generic, mid-tempo lump of shit. The song wasn't bad, but why would anyone put it on more than once?

Still, I am excited for Pia's album and future...she has the talent to become one of our bigger stars. Stage presence and choreo can be taught...talent cannot. Recently, she spoke with Wet Paint about some of the details surrounding her debut...and it will be out by November! Probably on Black Friday in hopes of getting people to load the album in with their mass purchasing. She has been working with big names like Rock Mafia, Darkchild, and Harvery Mason Jr. I just praaay that her early kickoff allows her to step outside of the Idol debut album doldrums...they are always such corny, tawdry messes!

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