Friday, September 30, 2011

Listen to Red Dlicious' September!

Since it is impossible for all you working shmucks to keep track of every good bit of music that flies through the internet, I have decided to do a monthly breakdown of all of my favorite songs that came out. This may be when they were leaked, when the HQ version was released, or sometimes it might be a sort of old song that I just happened to come across.

Regardless, I put together 20 songs, mostly dancey songs but a few that are a little more mellow. But they are here to get you through your weekend partying, your hangovers, and all of the shame and regret that comes with most of my friends/followers' nights. Check the tracklist and download link below! I put a password on it so it doesn't get taken down for some reason.

1) Shontelle - Ready To Go
2) Rihanna - We Found Love
3) Mohombi - Maraca
4) The Saturdays - All Fired Up
5) Aqua - Dirty Little Pop Song
6) Nicola Roberts - Lucky Day
7) Demi Lovato - Unbroken
8) Agnes - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
9) Lady GaGa - You & I (10 Kings Remix)
10) Monarchy - You Don't Want To Dance With Me ft Britt Love
11) Switch - I Still Love You ft. Andrea Martin
12) Justice - Audio, Video, Disco
13) VV Brown - Children (Keep On Singing) ft Chiddy
14) JLS - Take A Chance On Me
15) One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful
16) Kelly Clarkson - Mr Know It All
17) Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans
18) Coldplay - Paradise
19) B.O.B. - Strange Clouds ft Lil Wayne
20) Birdman - That's Y U Mad ft. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne

Password: reddlicious
Download Mix

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beyonce's 4 Era: Success or Failure?

So, for those who don't know, this is the year that I became a full-fledged, card carrying member of the Beyhive. Everything Beyonce has done this year has made me admire and support her more than I ever have. In the past, Beyonce was always one of my favorite singers because she brought a diva attitude that none of her contemporaries ever could. If there is one thing I love most in the is a pop singer who gives the image of a manufactured, unstoppable top bitch.

Even when she was singing songs like Halo, it always felt calculated and like Bey was just hitting all of the right bases to have a diverse album era. This is not a put-down. I think that it is important for an artist in the music industry to be strategic with their career because it is just that...a career. And when she released the first single off of "4," the Diplo sampled and produced "Run The World," it didn't look like much had changed. The rumors were that she had found a trend to exploit (baile-funk and Philly-style underground dance music) and it felt like we were poised for another Beyonce invasion.

Things didn't exactly work out that way did it, though? Not only has she yet to have a high-charting hit from this album era despite stunning videos and breathtaking performances...but the entire tone of the project is different than a usual Beyonce campaign. Unclear single choices (just today I have heard that Countdown is going for radio adds, after an initial report of Party for the 3rd single and then a switch to Love On Top after her triumphant VMAs performance/pregnancy announcement) and lack of promotion (Bey is known for being endlessly in the public's face with performances, interviews, and product promotion during her album eras...this era you can count on your fingers the amount of times she has appeared) seem to have left the album to flop. That's not to say that it has sold is one of the year's top sellers, even if it has underperformed for her standards.

No doubt her unexpected pregnancy has something to do with this. Could there have been a worse time to get that oft-rumored pregnancy finally rolling than during the album that needs the most help, girl?! Yes, I was ecstatic and shaking and crying and rolling on the floor when I saw that she was pregnant at the VMAs. But my cynical mind of course flew right to the understanding that from here on out, she would not be shooting any more videos, doing any more Billboard/Glastonbury level performances, or going on tour. I would no longer be getting my album era experience...and I am selfish enough to hold this against her!

However, upon further review...I am starting to think that not only is this album is one of her best musical accomplishments (in my opinion, matched only by the flawless hit factory that BDay was), but the album era is also one of her greatest personal achievements. The ballads are extremely personal, especially the deluxe edition's "Dance For You" and her non-single "1+1." The mid-tempos are sweet and love-soaked, such as "Lay Up Under Me" and "Party." And let's not forget the exuberantly amorous "Love On Top" and "End of Time." Listening to the entire album can almost feel like you are interloping on someone's private relationship. 

And then the pregnancy and the increasingly visible adoration between Jay-Z and herself...well...have we ever seen her look so sincerely happy? She seems even more comfortable in her own skin...and not in the previous exhibition-for-sales type of way. And despite her lack of promotion...somehow it seems like she has never been so dedicated to her fans and her craft.

At her now legendary Glastonbury set, she told the crowd before her showstopping "Halo" peformance: "I will always give you 100% of myself." And the reason the 4 era and Beyonce herself has been so successful this year (for me, at least) is because she has finally done just that. We aren't just seeing Sasha Fierce anymore. We aren't just getting the studio-muted Beyonce-lite.

With the 4 era...we finally have 100% of Beyonce.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Album Review: Pistol Annies: Hells On Heels

Reigning First Lady of Country Miranda Lambert wasn't satisfied with marrying country superstar Blake Shelton and winning the CMAs for Female Vocalist and Single of the Year 2 years in a row. She wasn't even satisfied putting our her soon-to-be-huge 4th album later this year. She had to go ahead and create a supergroup with country singers Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley and create a flawless album.

I've been a fan of Miranda for a few years, and her last album "Revolution" was a set of perfectly crafted country tunes. I did always sort of prefer her vocal betters though, such as Carrie Underwood and Martina McBride. So, going into this album I wasn't expecting what I got.

This album is packed with stomping attitude jams (Hell On Heels, Takin' Pills), feel good anthems (Lemon Drop, Bad Example), love letters (Boys From the South, The Hunter's Wife), and world weariness (Housewife's Prayer, Trailer For Rent.) The girls' melodies and lyrics swing organically between sweet southern belle, go ol' downhome country girl, and revenge seeking banshees; and all of it is simple and pitch perfect.

Country has always been one of my biggest secret pleasures, and without the Dixie Chicks around there has been a serious vacuum of twangy girl power. Thank god we have Miranda Lambert and this group around to bring it back.

5/5 Wigs Snatched

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where I'm At With Lady GaGa

Oh, GaGa. I can say that I was in the legion of your earliest fans. As much as I hate crediting him for anything other than bringing down the world's average worth, when Perez Hilton posted "Just Dance," I knew I liked it. I sat on her MySpace (I think I just dated myself #OldQueenProblems) and waited for new songs to appear. Beautiful Dirty Rich was a filthy pop jam. Then the album mega-mix came out and the 30 second snippets of Poker Face and Love Game had me shaking and crying. Still...I always thought that she would join the large ranks of pop tarts that only the gays ever appreciate. But then I remember this tragic 18+ gay bar EXPLODING when Just Dance came on during Pride...maybe she WAS more than your average.

Then...Poker Face happened. Slowly, very slowly, but very surely...the name Lady GaGa started being known. Just Dance and Poker Face began to see some radio play. People started mentioning her slightly off fashion sense (this was long before meat dresses and incubated egg babies.) But somehow I still always felt that she would be ours. She was the gay community's new it girl...she wasn't the next Britney Spears.

Then, like she has done to so many of her critics, she proved me wrong. I went to her first tour The Fame Ball, and was positively crushed by every straight girl and their boyfriend in NYC...our girl had broken through the rainbow ceiling. And it was clear that she had the talent and drive to stay there.

GaGa, as we all know, became the biggest fucking pop star in the planet on the strength of her debut album. Every song got bigger and bigger. The album refused to leave the Top 10 Albums charts. When people weren't going crazy over her new song or video, she was getting attention for having increasingly zany outfits or interviews. She talked about how she was mocking the famous superstars all while having a #1 song and album. It seemed like those of us who "got" her were in on the joke...when she walked out in a rotating metal sphere, it all seemed like an elaborate gag. Sure, she was dressed up in fine "art," but her music was simple and perfect pop jams. It never seemed too serious. Even the overdramatic VMA performance of Paparazzi had me laughing the whole time.

When Bad Romance came out as the lead single to The Fame's re-release EP, The Fame may have lost some of the humor, but that didn't even cross my mind because it was such a flawless pop masterpiece. It was easily my favorite pop song since Madonna's Hung Up...and if possible it launched her into an even higher pop stratosphere. The Fame Monster was basically a perfect pop album. It was moody, and dark, but never lost sight of the glamour and attitude of The Fame. Sure, the Alejandro video was a little off the mark...but no one can be perfect all the time, right? It was the end of one of the most sensational eras of any pop debut. The trashy art school dropout I fell in love with was taking the gay dance culture right to American Top 40. She was our generation's Queen...and I was happy to be along for the ride.

Fast forward a bit. GaGa had been relentlessly touring from the Fame Ball to the Monster Ball for over 2 years, showing that she isn't just a spectacle...she is a talent powerhouse with the strength and determination to give her "monsters" her everything. And yet...something was starting to seem a little off, wasn't it? Maybe it was unavoidable while living in a vacuum of fan adoration. But GaGa's success was starting to get to her head. The Monster Ball, while one of the most successful and enjoyable tours I have ever been to, half of the time seemed like a platform to tell her Monsters that due to her show, they could finally feel good and be themselves. Sure it was all an act...but arrogance much? Does she not remember that it was us gays who were being ourselves that embraced her as part of our culture that made her successful? Or does she think she did that?

Then she began talking about her second official studio album. She began throwing around "greatest album of the decade"and that it would set us Monsters free. OK...let's give her the benefit of the doubt. We know she works hard...she must just be really proud. Let's wait to see how the music stacks up to the claims.

Born This Way the song, in my mind, was a triumph. Yes, it was a replica of Express Yourself. But replicating works of the Ultimate Goddess of Pop is not a crime in my mind. The video was crazy, but in a way I could still enjoy, unlike Alejandro. It had a great, exuberant 80s sound, and a hair-metalesque look to go along with it. I thought it would be good! The clunky Judas was a sort of shitty Bad Romance rip-off, but who could blame her for wanting to replicate her huge success? Edge of Glory and Hair both had the sound I was looking for, so I was pretty sure the album would be perfect. 

It wasn't. Oh, boy it was not. 

First impression, I rated it pretty high based on the ambition. She was all over the place. She did a lot this album! She really went for it! But as the months have drug on and she has gotten increasingly obnoxious, self-serving, and arrogant both in her interviews and in her presentations of her music...I didn't really feel like giving her the benefit of the doubt anymore. I realized that somewhere down the line, I had stopped feeling like she was my girl. She started becoming a remnant of the pop star I used to love. Sure, I wanted her to evolve...but as her personality progresses into the self-centered Haus of GaGa bubble, the music has gone with it. 

First there was the badly done mixing of genres. That ambition I started off complimenting slowly lost its luster, and it just started feeling like an artist whose ambition was bigger than their skill to pull it off. Born This Way seemed to split between euphoric 80s rock and dirty dance techno-driven tracks. I am all for bringing together genres to make an album...but this just wasn't that. It was a smattering of over-produced indulgences. There are many sparkling moments on the album...but the effort as a whole just was not what it should have been. If she had pulled back to even about 90% of the clutter that she gave could have been so much more.

Then there was her transparent obsession with being an "outlaw" and a "hooker." GaGa is one of the least sexually charged pop stars of our time, with more of an emphasis on glamour than sex appeal. But when convenient, she is some whore that all of her alienated monsters NEED in order to feel good about themselves. Mhmm. We all believe that GaGa. And all of this mixed in nonsensically with overdone and pointless religious references. Yeah, we get it...pretending to be Mary Magdalene being in love with Judas is SO revolutionary and not done one has ever done that before. But at some point it felt like we were listening to the ramblings of some incoherent schizophrenic. I know I know...she wants to get "lost in the fantasy"...but did the music have to get lost as well?

So that brings me to now. Her recent choice to promote the amazing You & I, along with the relatively laid-back and humble interview with Jean Paul Gaultier, and an upcoming duet with Cher might be pulling me slowly back into her corner. Maybe it was just how great she looked during NY Fashion Week. I am not done with GaGa...not in the least. She is a smart, talented, and fabulous pop star with more promise than almost anyone in our generation. 

But I just really need someone in that fucked up Haus of hers to sit her down and really let her know that she has the opportunity to become the leading pop lady for years to come and and all of that trumped up bullshit is going to do nothing but ruin it. I need you to have ambition without clutter. I need you to be able to have your crazy performances and outlandish videos without losing all sense of what song you are narrating. I need you think about the fact that you can do everything you do, but not lose touch with your simple pop ancestry.

I don't want to suppress your evolution GaGa...just please get yourself organized and bring us a stronger set of imagery and music next album, please. I want to believe in you...and I hope you don't let me down.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Isaac Mizrahi Thinks Gwen Stefani is Christina Aguilera


Isaac Mizrahi, one of my favorite drunk queens, recently was asked about celebrity owned clothing lines.
"Who is that, Christina Aguilera, who does my favorite clothes," Isaac asked after taking a gulp of a Long Island or whatever he was drinking at the time.
 Hmm...we all know X does not have her own clothing line (and based on most of her wardrobe choices, she probably shouldn't!), so who could he be taking about? Can we get another hint, Isaac?
"The one with the really red lipstick and white hair," Isaac burped out before flagging down some shot boy for a jolly rancher jello shooter.
Ah...he must be talking about Gwen Stefani. While I get that they both wear the same garish shade of lipstick (X DID IT FIRST, GUYZ!), I just think it's so funny that Isaac, a name in fashion, could forget the celebrity that does his "favorite clothes." Too funny.

Carrie Underwood About Half-Way Done Her Album

Country singer and American Idol alumni Carrie Underwood has effortlessly been the most consistent and successful of the contestants from that show. A whole slew of Billboard #1s, huge album sales, award show hosting responsibilities, marriage, TV specials, and nary a negative press story to be found. Oh, and have I mentioned that she is gorgeous?

Yes, while we all can't be perfect human specimens like Underwood, we at least get to occasionally bask in her light, and in her recent interview with old Idol pal Ryan Seacrest, she has confirmed that she is about halfway to showing us lessers know how it's done.
“I’ve been writing quite a bit and I’ve been in the studio a little bit, so I have about half an album done right now.” 
I am always excited for new music from Carrie. I wasn't overly keen on her last album, but I still cry like a 5 year old every time Temporary Home comes on, so it will be great to get more material from her. Hopefully X-Factor is still going by the time her single comes out so she can stop by to show them all how the fuck it is done!

Flawless Vocalist Pia Toscano Talks Debut Album

One of the greater reality television travesties was the early booting of talented powerhouse Pia Toscano from American Idol. Sure, she wasn't reggae dancing around like Naima. She didn't growl and howl through every song like Haley. And she wasn't a country bumpkin like the Top 2. But the girl didn't need to work the whole stage...because she vocally worked her songs flawlessly EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. One of my top 5 contestants on that show of all you can imagine how angry I was.

Also disheartening was that the Ester Dean penned debut single, This Time, was not the type of sassy jam that Dean is known for. Nor was it a vocal triumph, as the production layered Pia's voice into a generic, mid-tempo lump of shit. The song wasn't bad, but why would anyone put it on more than once?

Still, I am excited for Pia's album and future...she has the talent to become one of our bigger stars. Stage presence and choreo can be taught...talent cannot. Recently, she spoke with Wet Paint about some of the details surrounding her debut...and it will be out by November! Probably on Black Friday in hopes of getting people to load the album in with their mass purchasing. She has been working with big names like Rock Mafia, Darkchild, and Harvery Mason Jr. I just praaay that her early kickoff allows her to step outside of the Idol debut album doldrums...they are always such corny, tawdry messes!

Rihanna Reign Will, tbqh, Just Not Let Up

Rihanna, Princess of Pop and Queen of Twitter, just really will not stop slaying all of our other faves effortlessly.

Just yesterday, Chris Martin of Coldplay revealed that Rihsus will be gracing the track "Princess of China" on their upcoming album, and that HE was nervous to talk to her. Now, while I sort of wonder what his wife's BFF Beyonce was doing that she couldn't be on it, I am more than happy to see Rihanna re-prise her role as feature creature.

Then, this morning, we found out that Rihanna will be LA Reid's guest during the X-Factor US' Judges House segment, where the two of them will narrow down Reid's category to the contestants who will be making it to the live shows.

All of this on top of the recent news/rumors that she will be either Rih-Releasing LOUD this fall or putting out a whole new set of music (I think she is going to go for the whole 8/9 song EP that GaGa made popular with Fame Monster) along with the confirmed upcoming duet with BFF Katy Perry...well...


Kelly Rowland Covers Magazine, Answers 12 Random Questions

Kelly Rowland uses some of her spare X-Factor style budget to serve some serious ferocity on the Fall issue of Runway. She is giving good face, good pose, and YASS some good hair, too! KRowls' body is slammin', and I am happy to see her using it to good use while she takes an eternity to start promo for her second single off Here I Am, "Lay It On Me."

Additionally, she was caught by Neon Limelight for their 12 Random Questions segment, and she couldn't have been more gracious and cute throughout the whole interview (she even calls out Bey's bad cooking skills!) Between her spectacular showings on X-Factor UK, her strong if a little boring album, and hard working personality...Kelly Rowland truly deserves to have her place in the current pop/R&B landscape...but can she pull it off? Catch the interview and a Behind-the-Scenes video of her Runway photo shoot!

1. Do you feel like people finally get you as a solo artist?
I feel like they’re starting to. I feel like with this record, Here I Am, as they continue to listen to the record they’ll continue to get to know me as well.
2. You’re one of the nicest people we’ve ever met. What does someone have to do to get you to just curse them the hell out?
Simply being an idiot. [laughs] I just can’t stand people who are arrogant and who kind of take advantage of my niceness because they can feel that, yeah, I am nice, so they try to take advantage of it.
3. You have a few really good friends with reality TV shows. Would you ever consider having your own?
I like my privacy. And I let people get a little peek into a bit of my world just through my friendships like with La La, with Brandy, and that’s the best for me.
4. If we were to take your cell phone right now and leak its contents, would any emails or pictures make headlines?
No! Not at all! I can not do that. I’ve seen too many people have that situation happen to them. I’m terrified of that, so no. You’ll find pictures of my mom’s dog — well, she was my dog, Mocha, my god-kids, me being silly with all of my friends and cousins and all of that stuff. Nothing incriminating! [laughs]
5. Congratulations of being a judge on X Factor! That’s huge!
Thank you!
Are you a nice judge or straight to the point with these contestants?
I’m straight to the point and I’m nice. I’m more so constructive than anything. I feel like there’s so many people who were so instrumental in my life and gave me that knowledge. Who would I be if I didn’t give that back? So I just want to continue to give out different things that I’ve learned over the years to help.
6. There were sparks flying everywhere when you performed with Trey Songz at the BET Awards. That was such a hot performance!
Thank you so much! I appreciate it!
Are there any plans for you to ever duet again?
I would love to! Trey and I did the remix to “Motivation,” but it would be really cool to do something else with him. I think he’s so talented.
7. You get down in the kitchen! But out of all your celebrity friends, who would you say is the worst cook?
Probably B [as in BeyoncĂ©]! [laughs] But she’ll be the one to tell you that. It’s no secret!
8. Choose any female singer. Who would you want to be for a day?
I would probably want to be Kim Burrell. Yeah, Kim Burrell. I mean, her…there’s like five people living in her throat to make her do all those tricks and I would just love to know what that entails. [laughs] That would be cool.
9. Whose idea was it for you to pose topless for VIBE and what did you think of the pictures?
For me, Vibe and this article was the first time I felt really comfortable talking about me, my background, even my father, my family, I open up a little bit about DC, my decision making, everything. So, I really bared it all. And for me, the picture was a representation of that, of me being completely exposed, but of course keeping a little to myself as you can see on the cover, I’m covering my nipples, my butt. [laughs] But, yeah, just really feeling like I could bare it all.
10. What’s the best and the worst thing about turning 30?
The best thing about turning 30 is just the experience that comes with it. That was an “a-ha” moment for me. There’s been so many “a-ha” moments at 30. The worst thing, I’m one step closer to my behind falling to the ground and not being able to pick it back up. [laughs] Just the gravity! But you can try to defy gravity by exercising, so it’s still a great thing to be 30.
11. Could you ever be with a guy where no amount of motivation would work? In other words, he can’t get it up!
Oh gosh!….Can he do anything else right? [laughs] If he can do everything else right, we might be working with something. It might be kind of exciting.
That’s so sweet of you to say.
[laughs] I definitely need something to let me know it’s there. Ten-hut! Ten-hut!
12. With 15 years in the business, where do you feel your place in music is? What do you hope people look to Kelly Rowland to provide?
Music that makes people feel good. That’s what I wanted to do with this record. I wanted to make people feel-good music.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wynter Gordon Premieres A Perfect Video for Buy My Love

One of the greatest pop songs from of the greatest pop albums of 2011 finally has a video! Wynter has quickly become a favorite of mine. She has been able to take the dance trend, and make it fun again. No talk of shuffling. No incessant Ke$ha/Britney stylings. Certainly no drag king impersonations. No...she has taken a simple yet energetic song about her search for a sugar daddy and made a FABULOUS 80s throwback shopping video! It's got choreo! It's got amazing outfits! It's got boys! But most has Wynter! I couldn't take my eyes off of her the entire time, and couldn't even get to writing this post until I had watched it 5 times straight! The girl's got it...and you just have to press play and see for yourself!

Madonna Descends To Us Lesser Beings...Keeps Us In Our Place

I mean...I just...I have no words for how Madonna has been acting lately. Except, you know...


There are very few things I enjoy more in life than pop divas and bitchiness...and the Queen of Pop never delivers small amounts of either. First there is the video above, which will surely join "JUST BRING ME A FAN" in one of the best bitchy Madonna moments in history. Then there is this did-she-say-it-or-didn't-she quote about GaGa:
‎"As for Lady Gaga, I have no comment to make about her obsessions having to do with me because I don't know whether her behavior is rooted in something deep and meaningful, or superficial."

And if that wasn't enough...our Queen's rep graced us with this ultimate cunt way or addressing Hydrangeagate:
"She's entitled to like any flower she wants and she didn't want to hurt the feeling of the hydrangeas of the world. No disrespect to the hydrangeas lovers of the world but she prefers different types of flowers." 

It's like...she hasn't even put out a single and isn't even back and has already garnered more entertainment for me than any of the other pop divas put together. This, my darlings, is why Madonna is and always will be better than ya motha fuckin faves!!!!!!!!!! 

Kelegend Clarkson Ends Careers With Defining New Album Cover

I just have no words!!! This album will be massive, and perfect, and flawless, and defining, and oh god I can't even get myself together. But is the album cover. I will be sobbing in a corner for the next couple months until it comes out...see you all then!

Kelly Rowland to Film New Music Videos!

Yes! My girl KRowls is about to go film 2 new music videos for Lay It On Me (ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS OF THE YEAR! SHAKING!!) and Down For Whatever, which is a relatively generic RedOne jam that carefully details how freaky she thinks having sex on the floor is. Still, this is a good song, and should be released here as a single...but knowing Kelly and her stupid team it will be sent overseas as a single instead...perhaps the lead single for the international addition? I still can't stand the way she is pandering to audiences, but whatever. If it gets me 2 new videos from her sexy ass I am down!

Latin Explosion!! JLegend and Dirtique To Duet!

The 2 remaining relics of the Latin Invasion of the early 2000s are about to get together on a steamy duet. Both Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias are thought of sex symbols...and for good reason! So it is not surprised that the song they are coming out with is called "Mouth to Mouth," as DJ Frank E confirmed earlier today. They both have had mild comeback success....will this duet put them at the top together?

Patrick Stump Delivers Futuristic Album Cover

So, while I unfortunately was too lazy to take my free tickets to go see Patrick Stump and the flawless pop star Wynter Gordon last month when they came to Philadelphia...I rather like Patrick. His voice was always one of the main draws of Fall Out Boy, and I think he has a nice way about him. I quite like his single with Lupe Fiasco as well. But other than that, I haven't thought much about him. But now he has delivered the cover for his new album Soul Punk, and it looks pretty amazing in my opinion. Looks like what I wish Brandon Flowers would do. If his music is half as cool as his album cover, I might just have myself a new LP to jam to!

Dev is pregnant. I do not care.

It's just like...who cares? You're a barely there popstar with a mostly shit album who has been featured on a couple of cute dance songs. Oh, and btw? Getting pregnant as your debut album is coming out? Not very smart. You have one decent hit as your first single, and the other hit-worthy songs on the album are dance are you going to promote them? You are not MIA. The about-to-burst-but-still-performing gag has been done, and it was obnoxious when she did it, too. You know who else you aren't? Beyonce. She can still sell albums despite having to slow down her promo. You? No. You can't. Buh-bye has been mildly nice sometimes seeing you. Maybe next time you will take some fucking birth control.

God Gave Us Blake Shelton

Now, I am a huge fan of Blake Shelton and was thrilled when he was put on The Voice, and even more thrilled with his ensuing popularity outside of the country music market. The first single off of his current album, Honey Bee, did much better than expected, and is one of my favorite songs of the year. He has finally moved on to the second single, and it is a beautiful song. God Gave Me You is Blake's ode to his new wife, country superstar Miranda Lambert, and is a sweet, country ballad, with an adorable video to go with it. I suggest everyone watch it and go buy Blake's album if you haven't already!

Embedding was blocked so go here to watch the video:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weezy Sells 1 Million Copies of Carter IV

Despite putting out a basically shit album, Lil Wayne has done it again. Tha Carter IV has sold an estimated 1,000,690 copies in its first week according to Hits Daily Double. He previously sold 1,005,545 with Tha Carter III back in 2008. This marks Wayne's 3rd #1 album in the US. What people see in him, I will honestly never know, but either way this is an impressive feat in 2011, so congratulations are still in order.

UPDATE: HDD overshot their prediction by a lil bit and Wayne actually only sold about 964,000 in its first week, according to Billboard. I am going to just go ahead and assume that he didn't hit the mark because of my personal opinion.

Anderson Will Be Interviewing Amy Winehouse's Family

Questionably gay CNN news reporter extraordinaire, Anderson Cooper, is set to take Oprah's place in the daytime talk show spotlight on September 12. Though in reality there is no replacing the sheer size of Oprah's ego and body mass, I think this is a great choice. Now we will have a second gay running the conservative housewives' lives (Ellen being the second one), and Anderson is known to be a funny and professional figure in American news. Today he announced his first guests, and it is Amy Winehouse's family in their first interview about the tragedy. I think Anderson will handle this with care while getting them to open up about the trainwreck that Amy became. Either way, I will be DVRing Anderson's show for sure!

Lady GaGa Covers September Bazaar

Lady GaGa appears on the cover of Bazaar this month looking stripped down not just in her appearance, but also in presentation. This is, in fact, the first black and white cover for the fashion magazine in 20 years, and GaGa certainly has allowed herself to look like someone from that time period. I personally love the cover! You can also catch the story over on Bazaar's website.

Leona Lewis Talks New Album

Leona Lewis is readying the release of her 3rd album, Glassheart, on November 28th, and I think this one might be a make-or-break for her. Being the only X-Factor UK winner who has made it big outside of the country, Leona has been one of my favorite vocalists of this generation. Her first album, Spirti, was just a bit above the standard Idol/XFactor debut album, filled with sappy ballads and likeable if boring mid-tempos. But it is in her live performances and quiet and gracious personality that has always sold me. Her follow-up, Echo, garnered very little success for her and did nothing to disspell people's opinion of her being a boring version of Mariah Carey. Personally, I thought there were some fantastic tracks on the album, but it was overstuffed with the wrong kind of material.

So, that brings us to the present. I think that if Ms. Lewis comes with another boring LP, she will find herself in a position not much better than her fellow XFactor and Idol winners (most of them have been dropped from their label and have failed to find a new one.) However, I have a good feeling about it. Collide, the first single on the album, may not be the best dance jam of the year, but it has Avicii's strong signature sound to it, and her voice sounds as angelic as it always has. And she recently sat down with DigitalSpy to discuss the album, its direction, and some other goodies about the upcoming era...and I have to say I am happy about most of it! Catch some of the highlights below:
 The album finally has a title - what can you tell us about Glassheart? 
"So the album is such a eclectic mix. I've really got to delve into every kind of music that I love, really try everything and make the best of everything. Because I love so many different genres, it's kind of hard to just pick one thing to do, so I just did everything!"

There's a lot of buzz about a track called 'Trouble' right now. Is this going to be the track to launch the album?

"Yes, I think 'Trouble' will be the second single. I can't wait for everyone to hear it. I'm really excited about it. It's one that I really love."

It's received comparisons to Massive Attack from the few who have heard it...
"It's got an element of that in it. A bit of trip-hop, a bit of flavor - I've just never heard anything like it, which is why I was like, 'This is very cool'."

Have you finalized the album tracklist?
"Not yet, but I'm almost there. I want to make a ten-track album. It's difficult to do that, but I think we're going to accomplish it. I want the strongest [tracks] and that's it - no fillers or anything. I want the strongest songs and I think we have them."

How has recording Glassheart compared to your experiences on Spirit and Echo?
"It's been a bit different because I have gone on tour, had time off, had different things happening and I was just at a different place when I was doing this album. I was given a bit of free range to do it."

Do you really enjoy getting on stage and changing up the tracks for the live performances?
"Definitely! Obviously you want to keep the essence of it, but it's nice to change it up once in a while. We did that with quite a few of the songs on tour."

Has this has any effect on the new album?
"Well, when I was on tour, we mixed a lot of dancer beats on it - my cousin actually reproduced a lot of the ballads. I've taken more of that sound into the album; we've got a lot of piano and live instrumentation. I've a song called 'Fireflies' which I really, really love and hope we get to do as a single. it's a really good one. And it's got a guy on it!"

So it's a collaboration with someone we know?
"Yes! But I'm not saying who! [laughs]"

How important is chart success, in particular in America, to you?
"Obviously everyone wants to be successful because they want to continue doing music, continuing to do what they love. It's important, but it's not everything. I just want to give people what they want to hear, the best of me, and great songs. That's all that matters. I just want to connect with people everywhere."

You were due to head to the US to tour with Christina Aguilera. It must have been disappointing to see those plans scrapped.
"I was really sad when that didn't happen! Obviously we'd planned a lot; to do the Christina one, Europe in between - and then Europe couldn't happen because the American one didn't happen. It really upset us. I just wanted to continue being on the road. I hope next year I'll be able to get back on."

45th Annual CMAs Announce Nominations

Country music for much of America is the ignored genre compared to pop, R&B, and hip hop, but I have always had a soft spot for it. It is perhaps one of the last genres not touched by the unstoppable autotune/danceified juggernaut, and relies heavily on strong songwriting and even stronger talent. I may not cover it very much, but I am a fan! So I am excited to see most of my favorites from the last year get the nominations they deserve in the upcoming Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley hosted Country Music  Association Awards, which will air on November 9th. See the nominees below!

Jason Aldean
Brad Paisley
Blake Shelton
Taylor Swift
Keith Urban

"A Little Bit Stronger"
Sara Evans
Produced by Tony Brown
RCA Nashville

"Colder Weather"
Zac Brown Band
Produced by Keith Stegall and Zac Brown
Southern Ground Artists/Atlantic Records

"Don't You Wanna Stay"
Jason Aldean with Kelly Clarkson
Produced by Michael Knox
Broken Bow Records

"Honey Bee"
Blake Shelton
Produced by Scott Hendricks
Warner Bros. Nashville

"If I Die Young"
The Band Perry
Produced by Paul Worley
Republic Nashville

All About Tonight
Blake Shelton
Produced by Scott Hendricks
Warner Bros. Nashville

My Kinda Party
Jason Aldean
Produced by Michael Knox
Broken Bow Records

Speak Now
Taylor Swift
Produced by Nathan Chapman and Taylor Swift
Big Machine Records
This Is Country Music
Brad Paisley
Produced by Frank Rogers
Arista Nashville

You Get What You Give
Zac Brown Band
Produced by Keith Stegall and Zac Brown
Southern Ground Artists/Atlantic Records

"Colder Weather"
Zac Brown, Wyatt Durrette, Levi Lowrey, and Coy Bowles - songwriters

"Dirt Road Anthem"
Brantley Gilbert and Colt Ford - songwriters

"If I Die Young"
Kimberly Perry - songwriter

Taylor Swift - songwriter

"You and Tequila"
Matraca Berg and Deana Carter - songwriters

Sara Evans
Miranda Lambert
Martina McBride
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood

Jason Aldean
Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
Blake Shelton
Keith Urban

The Band Perry
Lady Antebellum
Little Big Town
Rascal Flatts
Zac Brown Band

The Civil Wars
Montgomery Gentry
Steel Magnolia
Thompson Square

"As She's Walking Away"
Zac Brown Band featuring Alan Jackson
Southern Ground Artists/Atlantic Records

"Coal Miner's Daughter"
Loretta Lynn, Sheryl Crow, and Miranda Lambert
Columbia Records Nashville

"Don't You Wanna Stay"
Jason Aldean with Kelly Clarkson
Broken Bow Records

"Old Alabama"
Brad Paisley featuring Alabama
Arista Nashville

"You and Tequila"
Kenny Chesney featuring Grace Potter
BNA Records

Sam Bush – Mandolin
Jerry Douglas – Dobro
Paul Franklin – Steel Guitar
Dann Huff – Guitar
Mac McAnally – Guitar

The Saturdays Spill Some Deets About Their Upcoming Album

The Saturdays, one of my personal favorite girl groups, have always been somewhere between being underdogs (especially when compared to their recent ancestors, Spice Girls and Girls Aloud) and being huge. They certainly have had some hits, but somehow have never nabbed a #1 in the UK just yet. Many wonder whether it will happen for them, what with them about to release their 3rd LP and never quite gaining massive support. However, I continue to keep my fingers crossed for them as I find them to be quite talented, likeable, and driven.

In a recent interview with, the girls talked their first 2 singles (Notorious and All Fired Up), as well as what we can expect from their upcoming album. The one thing that bothers/worries me is that they said that there will "lots of ballads." While I am always up for a ballad or two on an is my opinion that the girls could have much more success if they picked a more upbeat direction for most of the songs, and using the ballads as more of a tool for album variety rather than the backbone of the album. One of the main problems for the Sats is that they have not piqued the public interest the way past girl groups have, and singing ballads is not exactly going to make them pop, despite Adele's recent success with songs like Someone Like You. I am hoping that when they DO finish selecting the songs for the final cut, they err on the side of the big fun that Notorious and All Fired Up has given us.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Paris Hilton Readies World Music Takeover

We all know that most music is simply a placeholder. The place it is holding is for the one true Queen of Music. That Goddess of Smash Hits. The Siren of Song.

I am talking of course about: PARIS MOTHA FUCKING HILTON.

We have all been having to deal with lessers like Beyonce and Lady GaGa ever since Queen Paris' eponymous debut came out in 2006, garnering a slew of smash singles and universal critical acclaim. I think Stars Are Blind won a Nobel Peace Prize...I would have to look that up and that is a little too much journalistic work for me!

Ever since then she has been teasing us about returning to the top of the charts, first citing Gay Jesus herself, Kylie Minogue, as the main inspiration for the next album. Recently she changed her tune and announced that she would be conquering the dance genre instead, and has hooked up with mega-DJ Chuckie to produce her upcoming first single, which is her deeply personal and autobiographical "Going Out To The VIP", which surely will remind all of you Adele lovers what songwriting is REALLY all about. I for one, am not at all prepared for the upcoming Paris takeover!!

Mohombi Has A New Single...Generic and Spectacular

So Mohombi is sort of what you would get if you threw 2011 JLo and Kat Deluna in a blender and popped out a man. By this I mean he uses all RedOne beats, has an ambiguously ethnic persona (he is African who is from Sweden who produces distinctly tropical and Latin sounds), and puts out whole albums of relatively same-sounding, generic drivel. However. I have yet to meet a Mohombi song that I don't absolutely adore and wish they would play in every club I go to forever. They all have huge drums, big vocals, and an insatiable dance sensibility. Is it low-brow dance music? Sure. But is it as terrible as the ever-looming LMFAO and Pitbull? NO.

So this champion of "good" generic music has put out a new single called Maraca. It is just like all of his other music. And that is why it is amazing and you should all listen to it and prepare your weekends for this RedOne fueled party starter. Summer ain't over yet, folks.

Nicki Minaj For Glamour

Her Minajesty has graciously accepted a spread in the October issue of Glamour, and it is a gorgeous one!! None of that disgusting GaGa-goes-heroin-addicted-Sesame-Street shit she was wearing at the VMAs. She is showing off all of her fake curves, and has never looked better!! Check the pics out below and be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine when it hits newsstands!

Soooo....this fuckery is happening

Why am I even covering this? I don't even know. The real question is, why are you reading this post? I told you this was fuckery. Whatever. Here goes.

Benni Cinkle, of awkward terrible dancing fame in Rebecca Black's YouTelevised abortion of a song, Friday...she has a song now. Not only did someone give her a song. They have her a video. And she looks like that ugly stripper in an Atlantic City stripclub who is acting like she is above stripping because she is probably just doing it to get some money for a bus home after gambling all her cocktail waitress money away in a game of blackjack but all the other strippers know she ain't goin' anywhere. That. That is what she looks like. Oh, and similar to Friday and the other shit song Rebecca Black put out, this song too is a sonic abortion. Watch at your own risk, chill'ren.

Letter to the Queen

So recently my Queen has been sort of busy, no? Just today Madonna could be seen at the Venice Film Festival to promote her critically lauded film W.E. that is sure to be her biggest film hit since Evita. No, she isn't acting in it...but it still her movie, and you can believe that people are more interested in talking to her about it than the lead Abbie Cornish.

Additionally, she has been hard at work on her next album these last few months, with rumored producers Martin Solveig and William Orbit. Madonna usually goes into her album recording with a good idea of who she will work with and what will come out of it, so there is even a possibility of a single out by the end of the year. The album will certainly be out by the first of 2012, and nothing could make me happier. I just hope she brings it to the next level as she usually does. While I loved Hard was not the most beloved album in her discography and I don't like to see people naysay my flawless Queen.

On top of all of this, Madonna has partnered with Smirnoff to find dancers for her next tour which is sure to be the event to be at in 2012. Global Nightlife Exchange uses social media to find the best unknown dancers across the world. Madonna had this to say about the partnership:
"What attracted me to the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project is the combination of participating in the celebration of nightlife around the world and the opportunity to discover the world's best unknown dancers," said Madonna. "The best dancers are always in the clubs looking for the most original experience, just like Smirnoff is doing."
All of this points to another takeover by the Material Girl, and it's about time. With Britney turning into a singles artist, Lady GaGa taking her self-importance to rarely before seen levels, and Beyonce about to fall out of the spotlight and into is time for the original pop queen to return and show the lessers exactly what the fuck to do!

Billboard Update!

So...I am glad I haven't been around to do any Billboard chart updates because the scourge of 2011 has been topping the charts for much of the summer. Why anyone likes that song will forever be beyond's basic, common, and quite annoying tbh...and still sits at #2...but anyway...

Congratulations are in for LEGENDTINA AGUILERA!! She has finally followed up her 2001 #1 hit Lady Marmalade with another song, making her one of the few elite artists to have a #1 hit in three decades! And she did it all by herself! Isn't that amaz....wait, what? appears she didn't actually pull this off on her fact she is only a feature? Well while this is still exciting, let's not all get too crazy and call this a comeback...the Lady of X still has to find a way to put out an album that people care about after the Bionic Massacre. I am crossing my fingers because I love singers who yell and strain like her...but the battle is not over yet.

As mentioned in the previous post, Foster The People hit #3 for the first time with their first single! How nice for them...I do love to see diversity on the charts, and Pumped Up Kicks more than deserves its spot on it. Good for you! Following FTP is Bad Meets Evil's Bruno Mars assisted Lighters. This sort of surprises me that people have taken to this song the way the have, but it is one of the better cuts on that album and I love me some Bruno, so I am happy with this. Rounding out the Top 5 is Katy Perry's Last Friday Night, tumbling all the way from #1. But that desperate Missy Elliot remix did it's purpose in getting Slutty Perry her 5th #1 and tying Michael Jackson's record...and during his birthday week on top of it! Bitch has no shame!!

The rest of the Top 10 is complete shit, save Her Minajesty's infectious Super Bass, so I will not be speaking on that. I just...I can't you guys. I can't talk about the drivel that has been infecting our Hot 100 for much of this year. I refuse.

Oh!!! But!!! Couple of other quick notes:

1) Barbra Streisand has landed at #4 with her latest album What Matters incredible achievement if you think about how small her market is at this point. It also makes her the first artist to have a Top 10 album in 6 decades. Thank you America for still having a vestige of taste! (Game's album is #1 so most of the taste is gone, of course)
2) There is a new chart in town: the K-POP HOT 100!!!!! So now all of you people desperate for some stunning k-pop can check out what the current hot singles are...thank you Billboard!