Friday, April 1, 2011

Two Pop Videos - One Amazing, One Half-Baked

Today I will be reviewing two pop videos. The first is Katy Perry's latest #1 smash, E.T. Catch the video below

OK, so...the video is GORGEOUS. Katy looks amazing, and the graphics are really quite breathtaking. Not sure what that random guy is doing in it, though. Is that grill his only alien type characteristic? Who let him rap in this? Definitely ruined the song/video...but let's act like whats-his-face didn't try to hip hop this great song up. ET is actually my favorite Katy Perry song and always has been since it leaked last summer. She has never sounded sexier, and it is a wonderful song. But now for the flaws in the video...

I get the storyline and it's almost cute. Katy is the Alien Queen and she is trying to figure out what Earth and humans are, while Kanye sends her images of Earth pre-Apocalypse. Great. But what it ends up being is mostly just random imagery to fill up the time and give the directors a chance to flash back to Katy flying around the galaxy looking pretty. And then the end is just odd, with her weird fucked Satyr body and the robot coming alive...I dunno. Seems a little scatter brained to me. Also, I take issue with her singing a song about being abducted, and falling in love with an extra terrestrial and being ready to run away with them, but the video switching it and her being the ET. Unnecessary role reversal. Anyway...definitely an enjoyable video, but had more than a few holes that some thought could have filled in. I will probably watch 100 times anyway lol.

Next we have Natalia Kills' video for her spectacular next single, Wonderland.

Had to watch this one a couple times. Natalia finds herself in a nightmare of a tea party, fighting to break out of this fairytale-gone-bad world. Rather than snub the sunny side of stories like Red Riding Hood and Alice In Wonderland, Natalia focuses on the dark undertones that one could read in those old stories. And my word, does she fight it! Natalia spends the entire video thrashing, doing Censor-worthy activities, and generally rebelling against the fairytale Man! It definitely is a good step in furthering the Natalia Kills' brand of dark pop noir that I discussed in my review of the album. Now, if you will excuse me, I am off to go watch the video about 10 more times!

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