Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jennifer Lopez LOVE? Preview Unveiled

One of the most successful comebacks in recent memory belongs to Jennifer Lopez. A couple years ago, it seemed that she would never be a presence in the music industry ever again with a series of flop singles and poor reviews. But then she left her old record company, got a new recording contract, scored a judging position on ratings juggernaut American Idol, and released the epic On The Floor. One of the most successful songs of the year, and a close second for favorite club song of the year for me (Hold It Against Me still holds that wig!), this was the hit JLo needed to remind people that at any age (Lopez is now 41), she is still one of the most gorgeous, talented, and captivating superstars we have. Since then she has released second single I'm Into You feat Lil Wayne (an island tinged, breezy song that is quite sexy and well done) and iTunes promo track Papi, a hard-hitting Kat Deluna-esque stomper that is sure to be a favorite for JLo-fans of the past.

And now we have the sampler/preview of the album.

 Love? Track List:

1. On The Floor ft. Pitbull
2. Good Hit
3. I’m Into You ft. Lil Wayne
4. (What Is) LOVE?
5. Run The World
6. Papi
7. Until It Beats No More
8. One Love
9. Invading My Mind
10. Villain
11. Starting Over
12. Hypnotico
Additional deluxe edition tracks:
13. Everybody’s Girl
14. Charge Me Up
15. Take Care
16. On The Floor (Ven a Bailar) feat. Pitbull
For some reason, the preview for Hypnotico (a track originally done by Tami Chynn) and Charge Me Up are absent from the preview, but the rest of it sounds quite promising. She has packed the album with variety. Euro/Latin club bangers (On The Floor, Good Hit, Invading My Mind, Papi, Hypnotico), tropical mid-tempos (I'm Into You, What Is Love), urban cuts (Run The World, Take Care) and slower jams (Villain, One Love). My only concern is on a couple of song where she seems to have picked songs she is not vocally up to, such as "Until It Beats No More" and "Starting Over." This is odd because while JLo may never have been known for her outstanding vocals, she is a master at staying within her range and finding a way to always sound vocally strong. Otherwise, I think this album will smash as hard as all of us fans of JLegend have been hoping it will.

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