Friday, April 1, 2011

Britney Wants to Duet With Kylie!

No surprise here!!

The Femme Fatale singer recently got wind that world-renowned pop queen Kylie Minogue would be interested in doing a duet with Mz. Spears. Britney had this to say on the duet:

"I think that would be brilliant. That would be so much fun. She’s great. I love her."

I believe this would be quite an understatement! It wouldn't be odd for the two to duet...they have been rumored in the past to be offered similar songs (i.e. Toxic!), they have similar vocal styles (though Kylie is clearly a much stronger singer), and I think it would help Britney get in touch with her sunny, fun side. Kylie has never had trouble tapping into her sexy side, even as she has gotten older. But Britney increasingly seems to have difficulty expressing the joy she gets out of her music. I am in full support! Aphrodite Fatale!

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