Sunday, April 17, 2011

Judas: Second Opinion

It's loud, fast, industrial, and filled with nonsensical chants and hooks that stay engrained in your mind--essentially, it's what makes a Lady GaGa song a Lady GaGa song.

"Judas" is the reason why "Born This Way" was released as the first single. It borrows the same concept as her previous monster single, "Bad Romance" and it does so on purpose. In a brilliant move, releasing "Judas" as the 2nd single gives the song a chance for even more appeal, as it's deviates from the 80's disco/pop of the self-love anthem and gives fans what they expected to hear in the first place.

Like Andrew has already mentioned, it's "Bad Romance 2.0" but it stands strong on it's own merit. The "GaGa" chants are becoming a trademark of what is Lady GaGa's style just as Michael Jackson had his signature cues. I find the criticisms of GaGa "copying" her own sound shocking, because GaGa and her right-hand producer, Red One, have created a sound that is all their own. Again, this song is unlike anything currently on the radio. The industrial dance beat is backed by Red One's scorching synths with a dub step-influenced electro break down. Musically, the melody isn't the strongest contender especially in the verses, but GaGa still knows how to capture your attention when it comes to her hooks.

Lyrically, the song is again, reminiscent of "Bad Romance" in the sense that it speaks of being in love with someone who is bad for you--in this case, someone who is betraying you. In typical make-a-statement-GaGa-fashion, she throws in some religious undertones that's sure to stir up some controversy. Those offended will have to remain pressed and "wear [an] ear condom next time," because the song is destined to slay the radio and charts for months to come. It's impressive GaGa can continue to make these dance-heavy songs that stray away from the cliched club song lines.

Vocally, GaGa is all over the place. Giving us her best island-like impression in the verses, breezing through the stanzas in the multi-hook chorus, talking followed by manically shrieking in the breakdown, and belting at end of the bridge and last chorus. It's the type of vocals that only someone as confident as GaGa would be able to pull off.

Some people are confused and in dismay of what direction GaGa seems to be going in, but these people really haven't been paying attention. Those people need to understand that this is Lady GaGa. If you want another "Just Dance" you're sure to find it on The Top 40 chart somewhere from another inferior GaGa-clone. "Just Dance" might have been the first song to grab our interest, but it's songs like this, "Poker Face","Paparazzi" and of course "Bad Romance", that made her a household name. This is the reason why I'm so excited to see what Born This Way will offer, because you never really know with GaGa. "Judas" is a prime example of GaGa sticking to her roots, but at the same time pushing the envelope just a bit further. A fantastic entry into her already established catalog of hits.

"Judas Ju ah-ah Judah GaGa-ah"
4/5 Wigs Snatched

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