Monday, April 11, 2011

Britney Is Doing Things...No One Cares

Sigh. So...Britney has been making a couple phone calls in between shoveling whole handfuls of Cheetos into her non-singing gullet. As Court reported earlier today, one of these calls was to Rihanna to make their truly awful and unlistenable remix to the previously amazing "S&M." (At least it highlighted how much of a better singer Rihanna is!!) That's not all she has up her Wal-Mart daisy dukes though!

Apparently she called Nicki Minaj, the Nervo Twins, and Jessie and the Toy Boys to open for her. Also there is a rumor that there will be a remix of Til The World Ends with a big female artist on it. Is it another RiRi duet? Maybe a Nicki feature? Maybe Ke$ha will show up and show Britney how the song was meant to be sung? Who knows? Who really cares? Who the fuck really could care about the Femme Fatale era any more? Let's see...

That's what I thought.

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