Sunday, April 3, 2011

Court and Andrew Discuss Rihanna, Taylor Swift...and Britney flopping

This weekend was pretty slow on music news, but tonight Court and Andrew sat down and had a little discussion about The American Country Music Awards (aka Rihanna), UK Chart Positions, and other random musical happenings. Because we are vain, we thought our readers might enjoy some of this!


Court: Wondering how long I can endure the Country Music Awards JUST to see Rihanna perform "California King Bed"..............Yep. Not long at all. *mutes TV*

Andrew: haha i annoys me bc i love it but i am NEVER current with it. i have never heard any of this

::Taylor Swift comes on::

Court: ::mutes:: wtf is this?

Andrew: I looove this song. When it is recorded and her ppl can fix her voice. Because she is one of the worst live singers I have ever seen. And it is even worse in a country award shows where all of their voices are knockouts.

Court: I probably shouldn't say anything until after Rihanna gets ready to butcher California King Bed lol

Andrew: Hahaha I know...but at least rih has style! Taylor looked like she hadn't been introduced to a brush in years!

::Performance mercifully ends::

Court: LOL I guess Rihanna is coming out much later. Should have known...trying to keep viewers like me there (by this Court means "black people")

Andrew: Psh, imma switch over to Celeb Apprentice, get some crazy

Court: Imma go eat more chicken


::Rihanna finally comes on:: (things start getting incoherent)


Court: That awkward moment when Rihanna is on key and hitting big notes. "California King Bed" is on it's way to take the Top 40 chart.

Andrew: Uh oh...Jennifer Nettles is showing Rihanna out so hard...this isn't good for RiRi

Court: Why did she go into her lower register?? But ok ok ok...she pulling through with this ending

Andrew: Yeah the performance was great overall!!

On Britney: Femme Fatale special and UK Chart Performance

Andrew: Hahaha, "I'm a perfectionist, so I was just taking it slow." Yeah that's why Britney...

Court: Her voice is bothering me, she should have gotten her nose drained before doing this interview

Andrew: Bitch needs a Neti Pot!!

::Special drones on, shows performances we have already seen...Court and Andrew are still unimpressed::

Andrew: Wait it was only a half hour special?!

Court: Haha she only deserved about half of that

Andrew: Holy shit! Femme Fatale only premiered at #8 on the UK charts! The sales were only between 27,000-30,000. I mean even Bionic went to #1! I think it should between 30,000-40,000.

Court: But #1 with the lowest amount ever haha...and it was 24,000. Poor Flopney and Floptina. Wigs got snatched by ke$ha and gaga respectively.

Andrew: Brits know the true tea sometimes...I hope GaGa just sits in her room and lauuughs and lauuughs. Also, JLo has the #1 song there this week...Flopney remains bothered she can't snatch a #1 this era

Do you all find yourselves jealous and pressed you weren't part of these convos? Yeah..we didn't think so.

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