Friday, April 1, 2011

Fantasia performs "Collared Greens & Cornbread" on Idol

Fantasia Barrino performed her third single off of her latest album, "Collared Greens & Cornbread," last night on American Idol's results show. It was one of the only highpoints of the night, with the other star performance being a hideous showing by and Jamie Foxx. I can't even speak on that because it could cause me bodily harm.

Fantasia's performance was relatively played down for the Idol alum, but it was sweet, classic, and very entertaining. Even though I swear 'Tasia's voice literally gets one more helium balloon in it every time I see her perform, she is always a solid entertainer, and for that I give her props.

I do only have one thing to say about her hair though, and it is said best by my friend Adam who texted me during the performance "Fantasia's hair tonight looks like one of George Washington's slaves got jealous of his wig and LITERALLY SNATCHED IT!" And I'm done.

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