Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Week's New Music!

Here are some of the newest and brightest music that leaked/debuted this week!

  • This one hasn't come out, but is CERTAINLY noteworthy. Christina Aguilera already had a song leak with fellow Voice coach Cee-Lo (Nasty), but this coming Tuesday a duet with another coach will officially premiere on the show. Adam Levine confirmed that his band Maroon 5 recorded a song with Xtina called "Moves Like Jagger." I am ALWAYS down for new music with Legendtina, and any additional visual with Adam are also welcome. Good job all.
  • Wynter Gordon, disco singer-songwriter extraordinaire, is finally releasing her full-length debut in Australia as well as an EP in the US this month. Everything we have heard from it, as well as other leaks and demos, have been uniformly flawless, and a couple of new leaks today are no different. Be sure to check out Back To You and the AMAZING Still Getting Younger.
  • UK X-Factor finalist Cher Lloyd, who was arguably the star of the last season despite not winning, had her first single leak yesterday. I hated her on there. I hate her now. It is a fucking mess. Even worse than I thought it would be But listen below so you can agree with me that she can go back to whatever trash neighborhood in London she crawled out of

  • One of the real stand-outs this year has been new pop artist, Florrie. This week her EP Experiments came out, and it is one of the more solid pop releases of the year. Going through and rating each song, there were no 5 stars, but every single song was a 4 star. And that's pretty damn good. She is a darling for pop blogosphere, and you should all get into her classy brand of music.

  • LMFAO and Pitbull's albums leaked. I do not give ONE single fuck.

That's all for now, folks!! Maybe one day soon I will do a feature on new dance music I have found so that CERTAIN friends of mine aren't asking me if I've heard that new Wynter Gordon song Dirty Talk anymore.

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