Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lady GaGa Does European Promo; plans Edge of Glory video

Lady GaGa has not slowed down at all for her Born This Way album, and has taken to Europe to further her worldwide domination. I'm not even going to lie to you guys. I didn't watch any of this. I just don't care. Does anyone care? The performances by her so rarely have anything to do with the song. Back when she didn't have the budget of a movie studio, she would just have fun accents to her performance, but the spotlight was still on her. At this point, we know she will be flailing around acting retarded, so I just look at whatever pointless set she is peddling. I dunno. You know I will be at her concert and shaking and crying all over again...but I just can't with the performances. You can find them below, though.

Additionally, and this I am excited for...GaGa has announced that her video for my fave song on her new album, Edge of Glory, will premiere tomorrow night on So You Think You Can Dance!! I'm sure it will be overdone and stupid, too, but I would love a nice, lighthearted film for this jubilant parade of a song!

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