Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Queen of Pop Back To Fuck The Young Hoes Up

Madonna, undisputed Queen of Pop, must be just like the rest of us. She has looked around at this year's releases by the so-called Trinity of Pop Music (Beyondslay, Godga, and Flopney) as well as other lesser princesses like Rihanna, Katy Perry, and JLo. And she must be wondering why all of it has been so utterly boring and lacking. I know we all are.

The difference between us peasants and a goddess like Madonna is that she can do something about. Her manager Guy Oseary took to his Twitter yesterday and had this to say:
“Madonna goes into the recording studio next month to begin work on new album…”. “Madonna has a good idea on which producers she will be working with…” “Lots of questions about what kind of music it will be… stay tuned…”

Madonna is legendary first and foremost for her impeccable taste in collaborators, and I have no doubt at all that she will deliver another legend for her 12th studio album. She is usually relatively quick in the studio because she does her homework beforehand so it is possible we will get a single by the end of the year if not an album. I would trade every release this year for a Madonna album...luckily I might not have to choose! Let the REAL cultural baptism begin.

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