Thursday, June 23, 2011

Santigold Announces Her Sophomore Album! Santygold....wait no Santogold...oh right SANTIGOLD has finally confirmed her sophomore album to today. MIA's protege had a wildly successful debut era, with critical & commercial success and a boatload of cred. She claims that the label interference has made the recording more difficult than the first time around, and while it has been annoying that she approves of every part of the new album 100%. She had this to say about the sound:
"I wanted it to feel dynamic and powerful. I still have the songs that sound very electronic and clubby, but I have a couple ballads on this one -- my own type of ballads, where they just sound big, like the way some old Kate Bush or Peter Gabriel songs were…on this one song, we did a whole section that has a bottle used as the percussion, so there's layers upon layers of Greg Kurstin playing a bottle and literally filling it with different layers of water, and stacking each note. Mixed with a marimba and taiko drums!"
While MIA is off being a bitter, contrived bitch who makes absolute shit music at this point...I am happy to see one of her proteges coming out with something that will be more genuine and fresh than Maya could ever hope. And since Rye Rye seems to never be able to get her debut off the ground, I am glad Santigold is here to save the day.

And while I was most excited by all the big dogs of the industry's releases in the early part of the year...the second half of the year seems just as packed with more interesting and probably better music.

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