Thursday, June 23, 2011

Britney Finally Does Something Right!!

Britney!! Look! You did something fun! You participated! Your eyes looked more alive than C-3PO's! And you went ahead and made your best video since before the meltdown. Cheeky, nasty, and packed with witty homages to movies and music videos of past. And on top of that, your director said that in no uncertain terms you called the shots on this one. I am quite proud of you. Also, that body! Hotney Spears!

I know I give you a lot of shit Britney. Mostly because you are a lazy, overrated talent vacuum. But this makes one of the best videos of the year, and for that I salute you!

Oh by the way, I hear your tour is going well and you are even willing to sing live a little bit for the fans who overpay to see you live. Good for you! One of the best signs I have seen for your real return...maybe next album you can have a REAL comeback? Anyway, I put your video below so my 10s of viewers can view it. Maybe a few times?

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