Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kris Allen Shows Off the Only Reason People Still Care

Kris Allen was undeserving of winning the American Idol title. We all knew it then. We all know it now. Busting out an acoustic and lowkey version of Kanye's "Heartless" seems cute at the time, but it does not indicate a good career (Dia on the Voice anyone?...ah, how we all make the same mistakes over again).

However, the real reason people voted for him remains. He went camping with his family this past week and is still good ol' down home country eye candy, and even better he brought his hot brother along....and I am here for this!!

Ladies and gorls, if I was on this camping trip I would have gone the way of Bruno and tried to break into one of their tents! Too bad his music is so intolerably boring, because he is cute enough that if he went the way of dirty pop music, he probably would actually be one of American's idols. Oh well, for now at least we have camping trips.

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