Thursday, June 16, 2011


Last we met, Beyonce was prepping for her usual worldwide takeover with a slamming dance anthem in Run The World, fierce promo pictures, and usual confidence in her project, 4.

Since then, the album has leaked 3 weeks early (yikes), all official and promo singles have flopped (uh oh), and the album's reception has been very mixed (what the...). For the record, I love love LOVE the album and will do a proper review soon. Although all of you should know that if I like something that you should...right? Don't you all know that? No? Alright then...

There have even been rumors that her label might push the album back and force her to record some new songs for the project in an effort to make it more commercially viable. It is, after all, basically a straight R&B record with only one club song, and that one has already flopped harder than Xtina's Not Myself Tonight. However, Bey has made a point to talk about how she is determined to evolve and change during this era after finally taking the reins back from her father and being in control of her music and destiny. It will be interesting to see how one of pop music's biggest and most consistent players will survive on a scene that is rejecting the music she so truly believes in.

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