Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beyonce Visits France...Destroys All Competition In The Process

So despite some disappointing leaks and chart positions this era, Beyonce has turned up the heat and delivered some of the best performances of her career, and the album isn't even out yet. Strong, emotional and controlled vocals. On-point dancing. A little looser and really looking like she is having fun on the stage. But then, when hasn't the Queen Beyopatra been a dynamo on the stage? She is without a doubt the greatest performer of this generation, and her work ethic has put her in the leagues of pop history's greats.

In Nice, France this past weekend Beysus put on a breakneck and showstopping show filled with solo smashes, Destiny's Child classics, and even a few covers. All of them were breathtaking, and I have already begun saving every penny to get the best seats possible for her next tour. I am ready for my life to be changed. Catch a couple of the stand-outs below. Be sure to take your heart medication first, though. Safety is important.

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