Thursday, June 23, 2011

Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine Croak Out of Irrelevancy

The Voice is really shaping up to be much more successful for all involved than I think anyone would have thought! Smash ratings with tons of viewers (Court and I included), iTunes & Billboard charting performances, and it has helped each of the judges' careers for sure. Blake Shelton has reached a wider audience with his strong voice and stronger personality. Cee-Lo and his tiny hands was given a platform to continue promoting his smash single Fuck You and his next great song Bright Lights, Bigger City. Xtina is finally getting back into the public's good graces (and getting paid $225,000 an ep to do so.) And Adam Levine probably gets approximately 2 million people a week tweeting how hard he could get it (I do it at least once a week.)

So it is no surprise that when Adam's band Maroon 5 and Xtina did a collaboration, it would turn into $ucce$$ for all parties! Yesterday, they released the funky, smooth summer jam Moves Like Jagger, and it trended all day long with almost all positive reviews up until they performed it to little fanfare on The Voice's live show. A day later, it is now sitting at #1 on iTunes, which is something neither of these coaches have been able to say for quite a while. It is a great tune, and deserves the success it is finding. Catch the performance below and go purchase the song on iTunes!

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