Monday, May 9, 2011

Where's I'm At with Big Sean

So, Kanye West's head protege's name is Big Sean. With impressive verses at last year's BET Cypher, certain Kanye songs, and a well received mixtape, he is primed to be the next big thing in hip hop, following other successful newcomers such as Drake and Nicki Minajesty. And while at first he kind of excited me because he seemed to have similar Southern swag as T.I. (one of my faves) opinion of him sort of gets lower and lower.

Today he came out with his second single from his upcoming debut album, and you can catch it below:

See what I mean? Nothing specifically wrong with his swag or his fact they are still quite good. But I have yet to hear a really great verse lyrically. While this isn't too surprising coming from a protege of King of Painful Rap Lyrics, Mr. Kanye West IS disappointing to hear. Always weird girl references, talking about money we all know he doesn't really have yet, and other generic and boring rap things. You will have to do better than this Sean, if you want to make a splash in this relatively impressive hip hop landscape we have had over the last year or so.

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