Monday, May 9, 2011

What Has Been GaGa Been Up To, You Ask?

Well...quite a lot actually.

Greetings readers, Court & I apologize for our absence the last few weeks. Court descended into a rut of alcoholism, debauchery and an act that could be defined as prostitution in certain cultures, and I had to take time out of my busy unemployed schedule to bring him back to health. But we are going to jump right back in with one of our top queens and what she has been doing since Court's life flew off track.

First up! The Judas video, where-in the GaGa dusts off her drama school moves and creates her own demented Jesus Christ Superstar interpretation for the 21st century biker gang style that is so popular nowadays (EVERYONE is wearing these outfits!). But anyway...the main positives of the video is that it is typically visually stimulating, it is more or less the same length of the song, and was pretty fun to watch. The negatives was that it was a bit confusing and didn't exactly make me like the song more, which I believe is one of the chief responsibilities of the music video (see: our next post on Rihanna's CKB video). Catch the video below!

Next was her HBO special for the thankfully never-ending spectacle, The Monster Ball. Over 200 shows, the tour became the most successful debut artist's show in history. Watching even a small portion of the 2 hour extravaganza will both remind attendees of how stunning the show was and clue in those unlucky enough to not be a part of the show of what they were missing. As I crowded around the TV with my gays this past Saturday night to watch the show, I grew more and more in love with GaGa all over again (also reminding me how keen a publicist she is before album releases!). The costumes, the incredible live singing, the sets, storyline, crowd banter, and all-around star power of the Monster Ball would leave MOST veterans trembling. A few of the more spiteful gays around me who have been hating on GaGa and saying she has "lost it" or they want "old GaGa back" all more or less agreed that the show brought them back on her side. Well played Mz Germanotta. And speaking of publicity, this brings us up to today where the first promo single for the album was released...

EDGE OF GLORY!! The album closer is the first of 2 promo singles GaGa is generously giving her fans on top of the 2 official singles, Born This Way & Judas. It had been described as a power ballad, and BOY is that accurate. It might be an understatement. Interesting that the promo single is better than both of the lead singles for the album...and also a promising sign for the rest of the album. Could it be that GaGa has been toying with us for these first 2...that maybe they were just small teasers for the real epicness that is on its way? Maybe. But one thing is for sure...Edge of Glory is one of the best song of hers to date. Possibly second only to Bad Romance. It is endlessly joy-inducing and optimistic lyrically, detailing being at the edge of the beginning of a relationship, being on the edge of death, and yes, the edge of glory. Big instrumentation, a driving chorus that includes a stunning vocal from Lady G, and a fun sax-breakdown complete the song to make what is so obviously a perfect album closer. It also brings immediately to mind a drive home from an amazing night out. An immense closing song at your favorite club. A neverending parade with everyone you love. The instant connections & possibilities for this song are endless, and for that reason it is an almost instant classic in Lady GaGa's already impressive roster of anthems.

Oh've left me speechless...once again.

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