Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ciara Finally Free from Britney's Puppet, Jive

Since Jive can only be bothered with fronting Flopney with thousands of shipments of her album for a cheap certification of “platinum”, Ciara has decided she has had enough of not getting the proper treatment for her career. Her album this past December was a disastrous flop…a lot of which was Jive’s fault for refusing to promote certain songs, making Ciara pay for her video with her own money, and general fuckery towards one of their most talented artists. Shortly after she pleaded with them to just let her leave and find a new contract…and it appears it has finally happened.

As Toyaz World so astutely reported earlier today (), she has officially been taken off of their official list of artists. And even if she has been flopping, you can be sure that Jive would want to have her on there as she is still a big name.

Here is hoping she gets a good and supportive label to give her a new contract and comes back and slays with a fresh new sound like Jennifer Lopez did…Ciara is one of my favorite entertainers and I would be sad to see her join the likes of Ashanti and Brandy in no-woman’s land.

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