Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome to Better Than Ya Faves!

Hello! My name is Andrew, and I started this blog with my friend Court to bring any and all future readers the music news they are interested in. I am personally interested in almost any and all music genres and artists, so I plan on bringing you a diverse offering of pop, r&b, hip hop, dance, soul, rock, and country. This will include breaking news, reviews of new singles/music videos/performances/albums, introducing up and coming artists we think our readers will like, and other general thoughts on the music industry I would like to share with you all! Hope you enjoy, and realize that all of our blog posts are better than ya faves!

Also, FYI: just to get a feel for my music tastes, my top 10 most played artists on my last.fm are:
1) Robyn
2) Kylie Minogue
3) Christina Aguilera
4) Rihanna
5) Adele
6) Nicki Minaj
7) Britney Spears
8) Madonna
9) My Chemical Romance
10) Lady GaGa


  1. Oh and My Chemical Romance? Not only are they higher than Gaga, but they have a spot on your most played and Kellegend Clarkson DOESN'T??!?!??!!

    Can you guess the stan? Love ya, Heather!

  2. Well Peter, I have been listening to My Chemical Romance since high school so yes they have higher. Kelegend is in my top 15, just not top 10. Don't worry, once her genre defining album comes out she will rocket up!