Wednesday, March 30, 2011

REVIEW: Katy B - On A Mission

OK, I am also going to kick off the premiere of the blog with my first review! I plan on doing all sorts of reviews on this blog, but the 2 main types will be 1) in-depth, song-by-song, drawn out reviews of albums I deem to be either particularly worthy of my readers' time or ones that are so horrible that I need to drag it to pieces and 2) short reviews of albums I enjoy but don't feel the need to break down too carefully. This will be one of the latter!

Katy B, formally known as Baby Katy, is a British singer who's debut has arrived with much anticipation based on her lead single "Katy On A Mission" which shot into the UK Top 5 last August. She is known mostly for her electronic Brit-pop leaning, but also incorporates dubstep, funk, and UK garage/grime. One of the remarkable things about Katy is her ability to take great, classic vocals and lay the over the dirtier and grittier electronica that the UK underground has come to be known for. Whether she would have much success outside of the UK is a little hazy, but for fans of Britpop and interesting new voices in electronic music, this album is absolutely worth checking out. You can listen to one of my favorites on the album "Lights On" featuring top grime femcee, Ms. Dynamite, below!

RATING: 4/5 Wigs Snatched

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