Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coldplay's 5th Studio Album Readying Completion

According to Coldplay's official blog, Roadie 42, their 5th studio album is starting to take shape and might be getting close to being done!

Back in the studio, the songs are now very much pushing their heads above the soil and straining towards the light. I suspect that the band has had a reasonable idea all along of how things will feel when they’re finished, in the same way that a sculptor sees the finished piece, but just needs to dig it out of the block. There’s been much chiselling and smoothing and now things are really developing a recognisable form and an emotional resonance.

It's actually kind of hard to believe that this is only their 5th album! It seems like Coldplay has left such an indelible impression upon rock/pop music since their debut release in 2000...I wasn't a very big fan of their last album but in the past I have really enjoyed their music so I am getting excited! I personally wish they would drop some of the arena rock business and focus on making gorgeous pop music.

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