Monday, November 14, 2011

Kelly Clarkson Slays Any and All Live Performances

Sooo...remember a few weeks back when I posted my review of the legendary original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson's new album? And remember how it wasn't the best of reviews because I felt like it showed none of the growth, both vocally and personally, that I know Kelegend had gone through? And how I pointed out that if they had just incorporated more of her live vocals and instrumentation that this album could have been worlds better than anything your faves could ever deliver?


On the highly anticipated Unplugged concert of Kelly's on VH1, she covered equally flawless fellow Idol, Carrie Underwood's "I Know You Won't." Now, while I have always enjoyed this song, it was never a stand-out to me. Clearly it was just in the wrong hands! On this sneak-peak of the concert, we get to watch the full performance...and it is almost other worldly it is so good. I would easily put this in Kelly's top 5 best live performances, of which there are many many good ones. She puts soul and pain into every syllable of the song, cooing delicately one second and belting with angst the next. The whole time remaining pitch-perfect and just completely flaw free.

It is the curse of the talented pop star that led me to disapprove of her latest outing. Because I knew she still had this in her, and couldn't, and still can't understand why we couldn't get this. Also, her live Smoakstack EP similarly outlines how the producers her label has working with her just don't know how to handle this angel's voice. So, if you too felt slightly let down by Stronger as an album...look no further than this performance to reassure you that Kelly Fucking Clarkson is still one of the best vocalists our generation can boast as our own. Watch below. And then keep watching. And never stop.

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