Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kylie Minogue Celebrates 25 Years In The Music Business

As many of you may be aware, Kylie Minogue is my favorite pop star. Sure Madonna is the reigning Queen (now and forever) and Beyonce has my wig permanently hanging in her dressing room...but Mz Minogue is the embodiment of everything I love about pop music. Her output has been consistently fun, energetic, and euphoric dance music since Day 1, and always with a great level of talent and warmth behind it.

And 25 years, amirite? That is QUITE the accomplishment. Kylie is one of the few pop stars alive who can give Madonna a run for her money in terms of longevity, success, and worldwide critical and commercial success. Of course, Kylie never quite made it in the USA, but lord knows us gays are still trying! And this year, despite not receiving a new album, the Empress of Pop has a few things planned for #K25...and so do her fans!

First up is a breathtaking look back on Kylie's videography. While I would say visuals have never been her strong suit, watching this career retrospective shows just how determined she has always been to give us spectacular dance music. Catch it below:

Then, of course, we have the rumors that Kylie will be going on an anti-tour of sorts this year focusing on rarities and stripped down versions of hits as well as the confirmation that she has been recording orchestral reworkings of these hits. With Kylie's voice stronger than ever these days, I am ecstatic to hear these versions. Today she gave us the first teaser of these recordings:

Spectacular, right?! I for one am coming out of my skin at the thought of little Kylie surprises peppering a year that will also see releases from Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Madonna. And I thought last year was packed with big releases! Finally, as my own personal celebration of Kylie's 25th year, I have put together a playlist for you all to listen to below of my 25 favorite songs of hers. This is, of course, a subjective list and is obviously a little bit heavier on her post-2000 recordings as that is when I became aware of her. Also a note that it is a bit unfair that this playlist is made up 90% of dance songs when she has so much more to give...but I am a club queen and y'all will just have to live with that!

25 Years of Kylie Minogue

1. All the Lovers (Aphrodite)
2. Get Outta My Way (Aphrodite)
3. Aphrodite (Aphrodite)
4. Slow (Body Language)
5. Red Blooded Woman (Body Language)
6. Can't Get You Out of My Head (Fever)
7. Love At First Sight (Fever)
8. Fever (Fever)
9. Come Into My World (Fever)
10. Confide In Me (Kylie Minogue)
11. I Should Be So Lucky (Kylie)
12. I Believe In You (Ultimate Kylie)
13. On A Night Like This (Light Years)
14. So Now Goodbye (Light Years)
15. Please Stay (Light Years)
16. Your Disco Needs You (Light Years)
17. Spinning Around (Light Years)
18. Better the Devil You Know (Rhythm of Love)
19. Like A Drug (X)
20. In My Arms (X)
21. Speakerphone (X)
22. The One (X)
23. Wow (X)
24. White Diamond (X)
25. B.P.M. (Unreleased)

Viva La Minogue!

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